Actual Investors

‘Actually’ is a blog by Baillie Gifford. We won’t give you any investment advice here, nor will we try and sell you any of our products. But what we will do is share our views on the investment industry and the topics that matter to us as investment managers.


You may be wondering why our blog is called Actually. It’s because we believe we need to take on the task of reminding investors and the investment industry what investing actually means. Actual investing means identifying and backing fundamental investment ideas and deploying capital, not just trying to outsmart other investors. It means working constructively with the companies in which we invest, encouraging them to take the long view and build for the future. It means aligning interests and always putting client outcomes first.


We care about the fundamental progress of the companies in which we invest. We take time to understand their opportunities and challenges, and their ability to navigate to success. That’s what actual investors do. We do not care about short-term share price performance, which means nothing in a market dominated by speculators.


From our vantage point in the industry, we see some inspired ideas and people, and we also see many areas in which we question how clients are being well served. In our own firm, we now employ over 1300 people and we feel a sense of responsibility to our own people as the investment industry evolves, as well as to our clients. The aim is to use this blog not so much to provide answers but to share some of what we learn as we go along, air whatever is on our minds, and maybe to spark some conversations.  


You can read more about what we mean by actual investors here. And if you like what you read, you can subscribe to Actually. Or, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].


As with any investment your capital is at risk.